About the Company

Body-up Evolution Greece, European Union

Veziris Healthcare specializes in the field of mobility and kinisiotherapy since 1994. The company imports and represents successful brands such as Reck Motomed.
In 1998, Veziris Healthcare designed and manufactured Body Up.

One year later, the product receives a code from The National Medical System. Thousands of families in Greece enjoy the daily solutions that Body Up provides.

Since 1998, the Body Up Evolution is considered as one of the most essential devices in a home for the Assisted Living Lifestyles.

It improves the quality of life of people with disabilities and their support helpers and assistants. The benefits of the Body Up Evolution in everyday life, drew the interest of foreign markets.

Today, it is successfuly distributed worldwide, giving to us - the initiators and developers - the satisfaction that we can contribute positively to the quality of life for many families around the world.

2011: Its about time for the rest of the world to be introduced to the new Body Up (Evolution). Body Up Evolution is now being distributed in many countries around the world.

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Singapore / Malaysia
  • Australia
And we are still growing!


Canada: We have appointed CReative Minds. Canada as the sole distributor in Canada through their service

called MeCare"

MeCare by CReative Minds. Canada

The provider of unique Mobilty Care Products for Assisted Living

Body-up Evolution's Exclusive Dealership in Canada

CReative Minds, Canada first looked at the Veziris Healthcare's mobility product "Body-Up Evolution" two years ago - but were too involved in building a solution for Chronic Disease Management for the USA market. We re-started exploratory talks in July 2014 and have now concluded an exclusive dealership for Canada for the Veziris Healthcare's unique product that has changed the concept of lifting and transferring a patient from bed to wheel chair, a wheel chair to a car, etc. This creative synergy is what brings the two company's together.

CReative Minds, Canada will launch the Body-Up Evolution lift device in Canada in 2015.

CReative Minds started out in Health Care in the field of Chronic Disease Management almost 10 years ago when their idea caught the attention of USA's largest Health Insurance Payer. This encouraged CREative Minds, Canada to pour additional resources in developing this concept. The conceptual solution was later presented to many large Health Insurance Payers, as well as to Diabetes Practices at some of the larger Hospitals or Health Service Providers and also to a premier Child Health Service Provider in USA.

CReative Minds, Canada has readied the MeCare Service for Chronic Disease Management and is now preparing to launch it in the near future. This service addresses the needs of all key stake holders from Payers, to Providers and Employers with the Patient at the nucleus. The Physician/Providers manage the Diabetic Patient pro-actively and are in control of the appointments and hence revenue. It will enhance the approach of Pay v.s. Performance and will significantly improve patient compliance to the Physician's reccomendations. This improves the patient's lifestyle, health and productivity at the work place. It also helps to reduces the Payers Health Insurance costs.