Why Body-Up Evolution should be your basic lift, transfer, access & transport aid.

  • Respect & Dignity the way it operates provides personal dignity for the patient , safer handling of the patient. Eliminates the pain & discomfort from sheer manhandling

  • No more barriers in one's daily life The access to the shower or toilet commode is easier than ever. Transferring a patient into a car, van comfortably and with ease will expand the world that the patient can access. Increases Patient Mobility

  • Money Saver Body-Up takes the place of a "power lifter", commode/seat, a bath/shower seat, car/van access-transfer, and a versatile home / facility wheelchair and much much more. No need to buy 4 devices - save your money

  • Safety for the Care Giver Body-Up's lift design eliminates the manual handling and physical lifting of the patient - hence protects the care giver from serious back injury, sprained back, shoulder pain.

  • Minimizes Physical Effort The trouble & effort to lift a patient from the bed and transfer to a wheel chair in minimal -no need any more for muscular strength and physical handling

  • Improves Productivity The nursing staff in a managed facility or the care giver at home can manage the patient's mobility more efficiently and save time and effort. Reduces absence due to back pain, injury etc.

  • PortableWhen it is disassembled into two pieces, the user can enjoy Body-Up's benefits elsewhere as well. True mobility for many patients who do not currently have that option is now possible. The light weight makes it easy to lift and store in the boot of the car.

  • Patient-friendly design Body-Up's frame simplicity, color and design "rests" the eye and makes its presence very discreet when not in use.

  • Its "green" No more worries for replacing batteries, waiting to charge batteries, etc.; it is eco-friendly!

  • Limited service needed Body-Up doesn't break; it won't require new batteries or circuit boards. Only a maintenance check every three months is suggested - mostly on the lifting straps. Of course, the customary sanitizing of pads, seats, etc. will be necessary as required by each patient.