Accessibility & Mobility at its Best!

Caring for people with mobility problems is a very difficult and demanding task. It is a vocation that requires patience, love, caring, solidarity … but mainly the right tools. Care Giver’s understand that lifting people with disabilities is highly challenging and demanding.

The BodyUp Evolution is designed as a multifunctional aid that not only provides a safe, painless and dignified lift mechanism, but it also covers several other basic functions for the disabled and the care giver. The BodyUp Evolution is not just a tool, but FOUR DEVICES IN ONE! And it improves the Lifestyle for the Disabled and the Assisted Living

No more heavy lifting
No more back pains or injury

It is a patient lift

Designed to allow you to rise up from the bed each day with Dignity.

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It is a bath/commode Chair

Yes, BodyUp Evolution is made out of stainless steel. It’s water proof.

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It is an Indoor wheelchair

It doubles as a sofa on wheels.

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It provides vehicle access

Compatible with most types of sedan vehicles

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PLUS,it delivers financial benefits to the long-suffering family of the person with disabilities as its use would meet the needs of multiple key devices that cost more money.


“It should be remembered that mobile hoists are not designed to transport people over long distances.”

-Disabled Living Foundation

“It helped me to convince my mom that she’s not a burden for me, and to ease her mind. It helped reduce my fear for the future.”

We have designed BodyUp Evolution in order to serve the everyday needs and challenges of both the Care Giver as well as the disabled Patient


  • It helps to minimize the effort for the helper while the user feels secure and dignified.
  • The days where lifting the patient from the bed required muscular strength, belong in the past.
  • The lifting from the bed is made with dignity.
  • Shower can be taken in the natural environment and in the right way
  • And most important, going to the toilet is no longer a “taboo”.
  • Access to the bathroom is more feasible than ever!
  • The car ride can be a simple, daily procedure.
  • It is very easy to separate into two pieces. Easy to lift and store in the boot of the car
  • No more delays due to changing or charging the batteries.
  • The “after sales service” requirement is minimal.