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The BodyUp Evolution Wheelchair for Seniors is a Disability Aid or Assistive Device with unique capabilities to lift the patient out of bed and transfer to a sofa, car or toilet commode. This one-of-a-kind Senior Mobility product provides 4 key functions in one single easy-to-use product.



It is a Patient Lift

Unlike any classical patient lift, BodyUp Evolution has been designed to lift the patient from the bed while the body maintains its natural sitting posture.

The care giver can raise the patient from the bed with ease and dignity and transfer to the wheel chair, sofa, commode or car.

The special gears and levers of the BodyUp Evolution make the patient lifting procedure simple and effortless for the care giver.

Physical stress for the Care Giver is over. You no longer have to use physical strength to achieve simple, ordinary tasks.

Back pains, sprains & aches for the Care Giver belong to the past.

Requires low maintenance and it is easy to clean. No batteries and charging to worry about.

No batteries and charging to worry about.

The BodyUp Evolution is also used as a bath chair or toilet chair without any modification

After you are raised from the bed onto the BodyUp Evolution, conveniently transport you to the bathroom for a bath or toilet.

It is made of high quality stainless steel that makes it water-resistant and usable in the shower for a bath or toilet.

No more compromises! It is easy to use and convenient.

Be in the natural, private bath environment.

No more "bed baths"

Bathing and toileting are not a "taboo" anymore.

An Indoor Wheelchair

After you are raised, use the BodyUp Evolution as an indoor wheelchair or as a sofa on wheels!

Increase the wheel base width and be easily transferred and placed on your favorite wheelchair or a plush sofa

Easy Vehicle Access

After you are lifted and transferred, BodyUp Evolution makes vehicle accessibility more feasible than ever.

All models of BodyUp Evolution are compatible with most sedan vehicles..

You now have the option to go for a ride on a daily basis due to the ease and convenience of vehicle access

Its light construction allows you to carry it with you in the car.

No additional expenses for car-modifications.

Save your money!

What Our Customers Say?

My family has acquired Body Up Evolution for over a year and we are using it in order to be able to lift my mother from the bed and move her to any room she desires, including her personal wheelchair.It has served us well! Our doctor (pathologist) believes that if we didn’t have Body Up Evolution, my mother might not have been alive today… and I agree.

Eva Trapali


“I should tell you it was love at first sight from my part because it does not intimidate the user (the conflict between the complexity of the product and simplicity of the user’s mind which can render idle a device regardless its features).Every single word in the presentation is true and what still makes me wonder is how effortless is the lifting process.It helped me to convince my mom she’s not a burden, to ease her mind.It helped me fear less the future.”

Sanda Sabau


I really can’t say enough about how miraculous the BodyUp is!!I’d never have believed that just one device could take the place of all of the other mobility aids I’ve had to use through the years.For the past few years, I’ve taken care of my Dad who has Parkinson’s and there is no end to the equipment needed just to get around town and do the simplest of things.I am so happy to say that once I got the BodyUp I was able to do away with almost all of it! Thank you!!!

John Foster


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