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About CReative Minds. Canada

CReative Minds. Canada

Is the provider of Unique Mobility Care Products for the Assisted Living Lifestyle, We are BodyUp Evolution’s Exclusive Dealership in Canada since February 2015

CReative Minds. Canada first looked at Veziris Healthcare’s Assistive Devices and Seniors Mobility product “BodyUp Evolution” in 2013. We started exploratory business discussions with Veziris Healthcare in July 2014.

CReative Minds. Canada concluded an exclusive dealership agreement in February 2015 for all of Canada with Veziris Healthcare in Greece to market their unique product called BodyUp Evolution.  This Disability Aids product has changed the concept of lifting and transferring a patient from bed to wheel chair, a wheel chair to a car, etc.

CReative Minds. Canada received the Health Canada MDEL License # 6783 in November 2015   and then launched the BodyUp Evolution Wheelchair for Seniors with a unique Lift & Transfer Assistive Device in Canada in late 2015.

CReative Minds. Canada started out in Health Care in the field of Chronic Disease Management almost 10 years ago. CReative Minds, Canada is currently engaged in developing a state-of-the-art MeCare Service for Chronic Disease Management and plans to launch it in the near future.

This creative synergy is what brings the two company’s together.


Veziris Healthcare specializes in the field of mobility and kinisiotherapy since 1994. The company imports and represents successful brands such as Reck Motomed.


Veziris Healthcare designed and manufactured the BodyUp Evolution product.

One year later, the product received a certification code from The National Medical System in Greece. Thousands of families in Greece have enjoy the daily solutions that BodyUp Evolution provides.

Since 1998

The BodyUp Evolution is considered as one of the most essential devices in a home for the Assisted Living Lifestyles.

It improves the quality of life of people with disabilities and their support helpers and assistants. The benefits of the BodyUp Evolution in everyday life, drew the interest of foreign markets.

Today, it is successfully distributed worldwide, giving to us – Veziris Healthcare, the initiators and developers – the satisfaction that we can contribute positively to the quality of life for many families around the world.


It’s about time for the rest of the world to be introduced to the new BodyUp Evolution. BodyUp Evolution is since being distributed in many countries around the world.

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Singapore / Malaysia
  • Australia

And we are still growing!


Canada: We appointed CReative Minds. Canada as the sole exclusive distributor in Canada through their service called “MeCare

What Our Customers Say?

My family has acquired Body Up Evolution for over a year and we are using it in order to be able to lift my mother from the bed and move her to any room she desires, including her personal wheelchair.It has served us well! Our doctor (pathologist) believes that if we didn’t have Body Up Evolution, my mother might not have been alive today… and I agree.

Eva Trapali


“I should tell you it was love at first sight from my part because it does not intimidate the user (the conflict between the complexity of the product and simplicity of the user’s mind which can render idle a device regardless its features).Every single word in the presentation is true and what still makes me wonder is how effortless is the lifting process.It helped me to convince my mom she’s not a burden, to ease her mind.It helped me fear less the future.”

Sanda Sabau


I really can’t say enough about how miraculous the BodyUp is!!I’d never have believed that just one device could take the place of all of the other mobility aids I’ve had to use through the years.For the past few years, I’ve taken care of my Dad who has Parkinson’s and there is no end to the equipment needed just to get around town and do the simplest of things.I am so happy to say that once I got the BodyUp I was able to do away with almost all of it! Thank you!!!

John Foster


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