Caring for people with mobility problems is a very difficult and demanding task. This includes the young and the elderly regardless of gender or age. Care Giving is a vocation that requires plenty of patience, love, caring, solidarity … but mainly the right tools. Care Giver’s understand that lifting people with disabilities is highly challenging and demanding.

The general perception is that when people advance in age, they become weak and dependant on care givers (be it a relative/friend or a professional). While this may be true for a vast majority, there is a significant population of children, teen-agers and young adults who have been either been afflicted with debilitating diseases or have been rendered disabled due to an accident.

They all require, and should probably demand, an Assisted Living Lifestyle service that is delivered with Dignity, Caring, Patience and Love.

The Assisted Living Lifestyle people have to be lifted out of the bed and transferred to a wheel chair several times a day. This activity is often considered mundane and not much attention is paid to this difficult task. It requires the care giver to bend over, wrap their arms around the patient under their arms and then lift the person out of bed and awkwardly try to transfer and place the person onto the wheel chair. This act is repeated in reverse to lift/transfer from wheel chair to a sofa, or toilet commode or back tobed.

Let us review this activity from the patient’s perspective. We will defer for later and discuss about the Care Givers side of this activity

Gender and Ethnicity plays an important role in the perception of Dignity of the Patient. Every individual has the right to their private space around them. There is a large measure of discomfort and pain endured by the patient when they are being physically man-handled by the care-giver to lift them out of bed onto a standard wheel chair. While this has become the norm, we largely ignore the discomfort and indignity endured by the patient when their private space is violated, especially when being physically handled by the opposite sex. In some ethnic-background population segments it is taboo to have any physical contact with the opposite sex. They endure the pain and also quietly suffer this indignity because they are in no position to protest or complain.

Science and technology has advanced and there are Disability Aids or Assistive Devices available in the market that can eliminate the Indignity, minimize the physical contact, and diminish the pain and discomfort for the patient.

What if we can lift up the patient safely from the bed without physical contact, and then provide unlimited mobility. What if we do not have to use an additional “commode wheel chair” or eliminate lifting the patient from a standard wheel chair and transfer/place them on the  sofa, toilet commode etc and repeat in reverse.

The BodyUp Evolution Wheelchair is now available for people requiring Assisted Living and is designed as a multifunctional Disability Aid and Assistive Device. It not only provides a safe, painless and dignified lift mechanism, but it also covers several other basic functions for the disabled and the care giver.

The BodyUp Evolution’s Mobility Aid or Senior Aid is not just a tool, but FOUR DEVICES IN ONE! And it improves the Lifestyle for the Disabled and the Assisted Living.

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